Guardian - Ben Dowell

Did Starsuckers tabloid hoaxers do us all a favour?

19th October 

Filmmakers tricked tabloid newspapers into running fictitious celebrity stories for the Starsuckers documentary. But did they perform a public service?

Blogger Madame Arcati (aka former Mirror Group and Associated journalist Victor Olliver)

The Star Suckers should be honoured at the next British Press Awards – a bunch of chain-store dyed chrysanths is on its way from The House of Madame Arcati. Most tabloid showbiz desks are staffed by some 30-plus nincompoop and his selection of 20-plus gormless blondes who think Wikipedia the last thing in research tools. With a double-page spread to fill by 4pm, it's no wonder fiction blooms besides the touched-up picture bylines. Only a silly old party-pooper who doesn't get it would risk spoiling them by picking up a phone.

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